Welcome Message from Co-Chair

Welcome to SETA 2017

SETA is an excellent and indispensable platform combined with conferences and exhibition to understand what is happening in the energy and environmental arena in ASEAN now and in the future. As a co-chairman of SETA, I would like to recommend all of you to come, see, hear and discuss with people gathering there, who are distinguished business people, scholars, government officials and politician from all over the world in view of the following three standpoints.

First, it is about Climate Change. At COP 21, held in Paris last December, more than 180 countries submitted their GHG mitigation targets and agreed to reduce GHG collectively. This is a success, but perhaps, to put it accurately, a starting point of great success. More important is the next step, where all the countries will make improve their emission mitigation targets. SETA will give you an exceptional opportunity to think what you need to do next.

Second, it is about technologies to address Climate Change. It is not only zero emission energy technologies, such as renewable and nuclear, but cleaner fossil fuel technologies as well as energy efficient technologies. You could have a lot of chances to digest those various state of the art technologies presented by prominent companies from all over the world.

Third, it is about investment. In order to address Climate Change, investing for new technologies is essential. How much investment need to be made on which technologies and on what conditions, including those in finance. You could find best answers here at SETA 2017, held in Bangkok on March 2017.

SETA 2017 is the second one of this sort, which is evolving rapidly with your participation.

Mr.Masakazu Toyoda
Co-Chairman of Organizing committee,
CEO & Chairman, Institute of Energy Economics, Japan,
Professor, National Graduate School for Policy Studies