Conference Theme

1. Conference Theme

Innovative Energy Technologies

Novel Energy Storage Technologies

Regional Interconnectivity: Power Grid, Oil and Gas pipelines, Rail and Road Links

Smart Urbanization

2. CEO Energy Forum “Future Energy Outlook”

With two main topics for panel discussion:

Energy Policy and Planning for the Next Decades

Future Energy Industry

3. Multi-Track Conference

With four main stream in Energy and Technology Ecosystem topics:

1. Innovative Energy Technologies

  • Hydrogen Technologies
  • Innovative Fuel-cell Technologies: Ethanol Fuel-cell Vehicles, Hydrogen Fuel-cell Vehicles, other Fuel-cell Technologies, etc.
  • EV and Autopilot Vehicles
  • Renewable Energies: Novel Technologies
  • Next Generation of Nuclear Energy
  • Innovative Traditional Technologies: Ultra Super Critical Cycle Technologies, Carbon Capture Technologies, etc.

2. Novel Energy Storage Technologies

  • Novel Battery Technologies
  • Super capacitor
  • Hydrogen Energy Storage
  • Other Novel Technologies

3. Regional Interconnectivity

  • Regional Power Grid
  • Regional Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Regional Rail and Road Links

4. Smart Urbanization

  • Smart Urbanization
  • Digital Technologies for Smart Urbanization
  • Applications of Smart Grid to Smart Urbanization