Conference Program

Day 1 Wednesday 8, March 2017
(Plenary Session)
Opening Ceremony and opening Address
H.E. ACM Dr.Prajin Juntong, Deputy Prime Minister,Thailand
(Plenary Session)
Welcome Address
H.E. General Anantaporn Karnchanarat, Minister of Energy, Thailand
H.E. Mr.Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, Minister of Transport, Thailand
H.E. Dr.Atchaka Sibunruang, Minister of Science & Technology, Thailand
Opening Address
H.E. Jesús Miguel Sanz,Ambassador and Head of Delegation
H.E. Mr. Shiro Sadoshima,Ambassador, Embassy of Japan
H.E. Dr.Shamshad Akhtar, Executive Secretary of UNESCAP and Under Secretary General of the United Nations
Breakout Session Grand Ballroom-GH201-2 Conference Room 1-EH103 Conference Room 2-EH103 Conference Room 3-EH103
Session CEO Cenergy Forum Low Carbon Electricity Generation Green Transport and Logistics Smart Cities and Green Industry
10.00-11.00 Exhibition Ribbon Cutting -EH103
(Plenary Session)
Energy Transition in Asia
(Panel Discussion -60 minutes)
12.00-13.30 hrs. Lunch & Visit Exhibition Booth
(Breakout Session)
“How to achieve the Low-carbon commitment following the Paris Agreement?
(Panel Discussion -30 minutes)
Power Generation
Mr.Pakawee Silpanon
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
Fuel Economy Policy in ASEAN
1.Dr. Nuwong Chollacoop
Head, Renewable Energy laboratory (MTEC)
2.Dr. Atit Tippichai
Manager of Policy Research and Analytics,(ASEAN)
3. Ms. Chutinthorn Mankhong
Acting Chief of Sustainable Transport Promotion Division,Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP)
4. Mr. Friedel Sehlleier, Deputy Project , Director ( GIZ)
*Distributed PV :Building Block for Self Consumption
'Dr. Sopitsuda Tongsopit
USAID Clean Power Asia & Chulalongkorn University
*Distributed PV : Existing and Emerging Global Market and Policies
Dana Kenny
USAID Clean power Asia

Finacing Distributed PV
Boonrod Yoowapruek
USAID Clean Power Asia
14.30-15.15 (Breakout Session) Energy Policy in Asia
(Panel Discussion -60 minutes)
Balancing Power Generation
Mr. Kazunari Fukui /GE Power
Nuclear Power in Asia
Egor Simonov
Regional VP, ROSATOM International NetworkDirector, ROSATOM Asia

*Multi-D technology for development and
management of sustainable capital proiects
Pavel bruk Deputy Chief infomation officer,ASE Group
ROSATOM State Corporation
TOYOTA's next generation vehicle strategy of
'LOW-CARBON society '
Toyota Motor Corporation.
Low Energy and Low-Carbon City
'Professor Kiyoshi Kanamura
Beta Energy Solution
15.15-16.00 Coffee Break & Visit Exhibition
16.00-16.45 (Breakout Session) Asia Energy Markets Outlook
(Panel Discussion -60 minutes)
Nuclear Power in the Low Carbon Economy
Mr. Shah Nawaz Ahmad, Senior Advisor India,
Middle East and South East Asia World Nuclear Association
Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure
"Mitsubishi Motors EV and PHEV"
'Mr.Masahiko Oshimoto
Senior Expert,Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
Energy Efficient Smart Cities
Christopher Seeley
Climate Change Solutions Co Ltd
16.45-17.30 (Breakout Session) What Kind of Innovation Is Indispensable for Developing the Low-carbon Technologies
(Panel Discussion -60 minutes)
Thermal Power Station
Kudama Toshiro
Harness autonomous drive, electric vehicles and
connected car technologies and services
to build the car - and
the car company - of the future
Mr. Takaaki Marumo
Senior Vice President of Product Planning, Nissan Motors
Digital Utilities
Adam Newman
18.00-19.00 Welcome Reception @ Reception Area EH103-104

Day 2 Thursday 9, March 2017
Breakout Session Conference Room 1-EH103-4 Conference Room 2-EH103-4 Conference Room 3-EH103-4
Session CLMVT Energy Forum Low Carbon Electricity Generation Sustainable Energy Policy and Planning
(Breakout Session)
*Opening Keynote Address
Dr.Twarath Sutrabutr, Executive Director,EPPO,Ministry of Energy ,Thailand
Smart Grids in Power System
1.Mr. Weerayuth Sritiem /Chief Engineer-EGAT
2.Dr.Noebboon Hoonchareon
Engineering Faculty,Chulalongkorn University
3.Mr. Pantong Thinsatit
Manager Smart Grid Planning,
Provincial Electricity Authority(PEA)
Energy Planning at a Regional,National and Local Scale
Dr. Surya Darma /Chairman -METI
Mr.Khamso Kouphokham/Deputy Director General of Department
of Energy Policy and Planning,Ministry of Energy and Mines, Laos PDR
Dr.Han Phoumin/Economist-ERIA
Moderator:Dr.Thanavich Chindapradist,
Expert In National Energy Planning,MOEN
10.00-10.45 Coffee Break & Visit Exhibition
10.45-11.30 (Breakout Session) Financing in Energy Projects, Opportunity and Challenges for CLMVT Economies
(Panel Discussion-60 minutes)
Clean Coal Technology Development
Mr. Hiroshi Sasatsu , J Power
Natural Gas Pricing in Malaysia
Ms. Asmayati Ab Manan
Head of Gas Tariff Development Unit, Energy Commission of Malaysia
11.30-12.15 (Breakout Session) Promoting Renewable Energy, is it a Rising Star in the Region?
(Panel Discussion-60 minutes)
Energy Efficiency Implementation Scale-up Barriers and Solutions in Asia
Chairman and CEO
EPS Capital Corp."
EU Technical Assistance Facility for SE4ALL Initiative & the EU ElectriFl Financial Instrument
Prof. Dr. Thierry Lefèvre, EU TAF Consortium Project Team Leader EU Technical Assistance Facility (EU TAF) for SE4ALL Initiative for Neighbourhood (East and South), Asia (including Central Asia),Latin America, Caribbean and Pacific
12.15-14.00 Lunch & Visit Exhibition
Breakout Session Conference Room 1-EH103 Conference Room 2 Conference Room 3
Session CLMVT Energy Forum Green Transport and Logistics Smart Cities and Green Industry
(Breakout Session)
How to Mitigate Low Carbon-dioxideEmission Together?
(Panel Discussion-60 minutes)
Fuel Pricing and Tax Incentives for Transportation
Dr. Apiradee Thammanomai
Senior Engineer/ Bureau of Biofuel Development,Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE)
Green Cities
Dr. Shinji Yamamura
Executive Officer Nikken Sekkei Research Institute
14.45-15.30 Coffee Break & Visit Exhibition
(Breakout Session)
Energy Policy and Interconnectivity in CLMVT Region
(Panel Discussion-60 minutes)
Green Logistics
Mr. Thibodee Hanprasert
Executive Board The Institute of Industrial Energy (IIE)
Green Buildings and Infrastructures
(1) Ar. Sarly Adre Sarkum (MGBC Immediate Past President & Architect),
(2) Dato' Ar. Dr. Ken Yeang (Malaysia's Foremost Sustainability Champion / Green Architect),
(3) Mr. Gregers Reimann(IEN Managing Director / One of Malaysia's Leading Green Building Consultant),
(4) Assist. Prof. Dr. Pimonmart Wankanapon, Thammasat University
(5) Prof.Fr.Soontorn Boonyatikarn/Architect Council of Thailand
Moderator: Ir.Kok Yen Kwan,Secretary,Malaysia Green Building Confederation
16.15-17.00 (Breakout Session)
19.00-21.00 VIP Dinner@Grand Hall 202

Day 3 Friday 10, March 2017
Breakout Session Conference Room 1-EH103 Conference Room 2-EH103 Conference Room 3-EH103
Session Financing in Energy by Deloitte Low Carbon Electricity Generation Sustainable Energy Policy and Planning
(Breakout Session)
Financing in Energy
A Private Equity/Bank/Develop Bagnk/Impact Investor 's Perspective

Duarte Henriques Da Silva,Asia Climate Partners
Woranun Thaworanun-KTZMICO
Ittiporn Intravisit -First Vice President, Corporate and SME Product Division, Kasikornbank, Thailand
Mr.Puree Tantivirasut-Senior Investment Manager, DEG
Pariphan Uawithya,Associate Director The Rockefeller Foundation
Renewable Energy Zones - Facilitating Investment
in High Quality RE in the Lower Mekong (30min)
Pitoon Junthip
USAID Clean power Asia
Asia Energy Outlooks
Ms. Georgina Hayden
Head of Power & Renewables /BMI Research Group
PEA Micro Grid (30 min)
Chakphed Madtharad
Deputy Manager of Smart Grid Planning Division
Provincial Electricity Authority
(Breakout Session)
Coal Plant Efficiency Improvement through Hybrid Repowering
Mr.Saumil Shah
Reigion General Manager-GE Power Services
Energy Integration ,Experience,Challenges and Opportunites
Mr.Syiful B. Ibrahim
Secretariat/ HAPUA
10.30-11.15 Coffee Break & Visit Exhibition
11.15-12.00 (Breakout Session) Key Risks-investor perspectives
(panel discussion)
by M K Balaj ,Chief of Party USAID PFAN Asia
Waste to Energy Technology
Sawita Tinsuntisook
Renewable Energy Club,Federal of Thailand Industries
Fuel Ethanol in Thailand:What's Next?
Mr.Pipat Suttiwisedsak
Chief Operating Officer/Manading Director,Ekarat Pattana
12.00-14.00 Lunch & Visit Exhibition
Breakout Session Conference Room 1 Conference Room 2 Conference Room 3
Session Financing in Energy Smart Cities and Green Industry Green Transport and Logistics
(Breakout Session)
Financing Distributed Power/Cogeneration
Alan Dale Gonzales
Executive Director Full Advantage
ICT Application for Smart Cities
Mr. Somsak Nmukdavannakorn/Microsoft
Mr.Pracha Asawateera /SIPA
Dr. Natawut Nupairoj / Ministry of Chulalongkorn University
Pornchai Pruksaratananon
Dell EMC | OEM & IoT/Embedded Solutions , Indochina Regional
Biomass Mapping
Dr. Jussi Rasinmaki
Simosol Finland
(Breakout Session)
Financing Distribhuted PV
Boonrod Yaowapruek
Investment Mobilization Lead/USAID Clean Power Asia
Multi-EV Charging Station
Mr.Tanawat Phenglao
Financing Cleantech and Start ups
Mathias Jaeggi
Senior Investment Manager, South Pole Group
Bio fuel Technology
Dr. Natikorn Prakobboon
Department of Alternative Energy Development and
Efficiency (DEDE) Ministry of Energy Thailand
Sustainable Hydro Power Development for Communities in Southern Thailand
Assistant Prof. Payom Rattanamanee
Prince of Songkla University
15.30-16.15 Coffee Break & Visit Exhibition
(Breakout Session)
17.00-17.10 Closing Ceremony@Rreception Area